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uPVC Door Realignment for Landlords

uPVC Door Jammed? Call A Locksmith

Is your uPVC door jammed shut? Whether rushing out the front door for work or trying to secure your home at night, having one that refuses to open or pull closed is a hassle.

While incredibly irritating and inconvenient for homeowners, it’s a common problem which a locksmith can easily fix.

In this article we’ll look at why uPVC doors become jammed as well as ways a locksmith can offer you a quick fix without the need for a new door.

If you’re having trouble with your uPVC door lock mechanism, contact Tony’s Locksmith.


Reasons Your uPVC Door Won’t Open

There may be a few reasons your uPVC door won’t open. Certain parts could be broken; screws, hinge, locking mechanism, strike plate, door handle or frame.

Alternatively, the uPVC door could simply have been poorly installed. Read on for the causes of a jammed uPVC door:

Misalignment of the Door Frame

One of the primary reasons a uPVC door won’t open is misalignment with the frame.

Over time, the uPVC door mechanism, hinges, or frame may shift, leaving it no longer fitting properly and making opening or closing difficult or impossible.

Temperature changes, humidity fluctuations and general wear and tear all play a part in this problem.

Warping of uPVC Material

Although uPVC doors are composed of durable plastic material, they still succumb to the elements over time and with exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture.

Prolonged exposure can result in warping of uPVC material causing it to no longer fit as intended and even becoming difficult for you to operate.

Damaged or Worn-Out uPVC Door Lock

One cause of uPVC door jamming may be an improperly functioning uPVC door lock mechanism.

When you have a jammed lock, it can prevent your door from opening or closing smoothly, potentially leaving you locked out or unable to secure your home properly.

Poor Installation

Improper installation of a uPVC door can create future issues. New doors require some tweaking to align properly. Problems such as overly tight or loose screws, or a poorly fitted hinge can result in misalignment.

If not aligned properly within its frame from the beginning, incorrect alignment can cause door sticking to develop later on. Furthermore, improper installations often leave gaps or spaces around it that allow drafts or moisture in around the door.

Debris or Obstructions

Foreign objects or debris may become lodged in the locking points of your uPVC door, impeding its movement and leading to jamming. This includes dirt, leaves or even small rocks obstructing its movement. These obstructions must be cleared for your uPVC door to swing freely.

How a Locksmith Can Assist

Now that we understand why uPVC door jamming happens, let’s explore how a locksmith can come to our aid when faced with such a frustrating experience.

Expert Diagnosis

Locksmiths are trained professionals who can quickly identify the cause of uPVC door jamming. By inspecting door, frame and lock mechanism, they will pinpoint its cause allowing them to provide tailored solutions to each situation.

Realigning and Adjustment

If misalignment is the issue, a locksmith can skilfully realign or adjust the door frame or hinges so the door fits snugly within its frame – often without costly door replacement – saving both time and money in repairs.

It could be a quick fix to adjust a screw or hinge and prevent your door from sticking.

Lock Repair or Replacement

When your uPVC door lock mechanism becomes dysfunctional, a locksmith can provide professional lock mechanism repairs or replacement as necessary.

They have access to an assortment of top-quality locks, so they can recommend the ideal option based on your security requirements and budget. Maintaining a properly functioning locking system is vitally important for your home’s security.

Emergency Assistance

Lockouts can strike at the most inconvenient moments. Especially if you have a jammed uPVC front door, you could be locked out of the property until the problem is addressed. Locksmiths offer emergency services that enable you to quickly regain entry, even during holidays or at night.

Guaranteed Security

If you’re particularly concerned about the security of your home, don’t worry; a locksmith can provide the appropriate door locking system for you.

We offer mortice locks, night latches, peepholes and digital locks if you’re looking to increase your home security.


Dealing with a jammed uPVC door can be frustrating, but professional help is readily available. A skilled locksmith can diagnose the problem, offer effective solutions, and restore functionality of your door quickly, whether it be realignment, lock mechanism repair or replacement.

So next time your uPVC door lock refuses to cooperate don’t hesitate to reach out – contact Tony’s Locksmith to quickly fix your broken lock.

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