What you should look at when securing your property

When you are looking at securing your home there are many things to keep in mind which you may not be blindingly obvious. One of the first things that Tony’s Locksmith Cardiff  recommend that has a big impact on your home security is to make your home blend in with the surrounding properties. The look of the property from outside gives potential intruders an idea of the suggested wealth of the owner. This means that if a house stands out in a neighbourhood it may be more likely to be targeted. This is not to say you should not make your house pleasant to look at from outside, but just to keep it to a minimum and not standout as ostentatious.

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Another good deterrent is man’s best friend the dog

Having a dog at your home can put potential burglars off your property and make them seek an alternative property to break in. However getting a dog purely for security is not recommended as it involves allot of responsibility, and unless you like long walks there are other things that may be better. You could try a barking guard dog security alarm which have improved greatly over the last few years and are now much more advanced with intelligent barking behaviour, such as distant approach up-to 6m away = single or several dog barks, Medium approach = multiple and single dog barks, Close approach = fierce and continuous barking,

But before you invest in this you should contact Tony’s locksmith Cardiff to perform a security review of your property which will involve analysing all potential access points into your property. The first line of defense for any property is high quality locks on all doors and windows including patio doors.

The main goal at Tony’s locksmith Cardiff is to find the best and most affordable solution to provide the highest standard of security for your property and family.

Keeping your home safe when you go on holiday


When planning your next holiday, keeping your home safe when you are away should be one of the topmost things on your mind. A good plan will ensure that your home and your belongings are secure and that should give you the peace of mind that you require for an enjoyable holiday.

An important goal to consider is how to keep the burglar away. Burglars can act on information that we inadvertently let out. It is therefore important not to disclose to strangers or persons who are not close family and friends that we will be going away on holiday. Travel plans innocently displayed on social media can also provide burglars with the information they need to make a move on your home.

Before heading out, the property must be adequately secured to ensure that it does not attract the attention of opportunist burglars who are on the look-out for unoccupied properties. A house that is in darkness every night is an indication that the owner is absent. It is a good idea to install a light on a timer that switches on the light in the evenings. Valuables placed where they can easily be viewed through a window present an open invitation to burglars. They should be locked away in a safe location where they cannot be easily seen.

Enhancing the security around the premises helps deter break-ins. Most burglars do not want to attract any attention while they are at it. For example, they will attempt to force a window frame open rather than smashing the window. It is therefore essential to make sure that all windows and doors in the property are fitted with strong locks and that these locks are in operation at the time you are leaving.

A functional burglar alarm is also a deterrent to burglary. An alarm box fitted in front and another at the back of the house is a reasonable investment to make before heading out. Not only do they serve as visual deterrent, they will also alert neighbours in the event of a break-in. A wireless system alarm box can be installed quickly and can be operated remotely. Modern technology now enables remote activation of an alarm system through the use of applications which can be downloaded on smartphones.

You should also consider installing security lights with motion sensors in strategic locations on your premises. Well illuminated premises discourage would-be burglars, as they can easily be spotted by neighbours before they have the chance to gain entry into your home. When used in conjunction with closed circuit TV cameras connected to a router, it is possible to monitor what is going on around your home on your smartphone, even while you are away on holiday.

HMO Requirements for Cardiff Landlords

In any rental property, a landlord has a responsibility to ensure clear and suitable emergency exits are fitted and they are appropriate to the size and number of occupants within a building.
This is particularly paramount in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) which is property shared by three or more tenants who are not part of the same family. Emergency exit regulation includes the requirement to fit doors in an HMO property that open from the inside without the use of a key. These systems need to be fitted to locked individual bedroom doors and common entrance doors.

HMO regulations were developed to ensure that properties were managed properly and that they meet certain safety standards. These are now a legal requirement in HMO properties. It is also essential in HMO property to fit fire doors with self closers to all bedrooms. While it is vital to have protected escape routes for individually let bedrooms and self contained flats. In addition, there may be a requirement for multiple escape routes dependant on the size of a property, and maximum emergency travel distances may apply, while clear signage is essential.

For advice on HMO policies it’s best to speak to your Local Authority and your Fire Authority – in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – who will compile a report and schedule of works to be carried out on the property to bring it in line with HMO policies. In addition, Tonyslocksmith will be able to advise on suitable locks, escape routes and fittings such as door closes.

Insurance companies will also stipulate the type of lock to be fitted to doors and windows, so by not adhering to the requirements, landlords could potentially find themselves in breach of contract which could make claiming on insurance difficult if the situation arises.

Landlords – Phone Tonyslocksmith today for a free no obligation quote on your HMO property.

Lost Car Keys in Cardiff?

Locked out of your car? Or lost your car keys, or worse still, that awful sinking feeling when you slam the boot of the car shut and realise too late that your keys are now locked inside. It doesn’t get much worse than that, does it!

Tonys Locksmith in Cardiff can offer a fast and affordable solution with our fully equipped mobile Auto Locksmith service.

Our vehicle comes equipped with the latest innovations in auto locksmithing ensuring that we can deal with a wide range of issues including key cutting, programming remote key fobs and instant vehicle access.

As a family run business we cut out the middle man ensuring our prices are far more competitive than most dealerships. It also means that you get a fast and friendly service!

We are confident in our pricing, but as an extra special deal if you quote AUTO 101 we will give you a 10% Discount off any spare key cut in the month of June.

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Tonys Locksmith offers a Free security survey

Tony’s Locksmith Cardiff is now launching a new service offering a free security survey on all doors and windows. We can talk you through the very latest in lock news and gadgets to protect your home from unwanted visitors.

This service is completely free and you would be surprised to find out just how little it costs to upgrade your locks to protect your home using insurance approved, anti-snap, and anti-drill locks to beat the burglar..

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We currently have some fantastic offers on anti-snap UPVC door locks from just £30, these are also insurance approved.

New students will soon be moving into the area, picking up their keys for their properties, at Tonys Locksmith we are offering students and landlords big discounts for cutting keys, we also offer an excellent service for the new HMO licence requirements for all landlords.

We can also advise new students on the best way to protect their property, sometimes the last thing you may think of, however with easily accessible equipment such as laptops and phones lying about, burglars can have an easy picking.

Ring Tonys Locksmith Cardiff for free, friendly local advice on 07798612837



Tony’s Auto Locksmith Cardiff

Exciting news here at Tony’s Locksmith Cardiff!

We are now able to cut and programme car keys on site.

How many of you worry about losing your only car key, but dread paying out for an expensive spare from a main dealer? Just give Tonys Locksmith Cardiff a call for a quick and competitive quote. We carry remotes and keys for most makes and models, and we can cut you a spare on site.

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