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A Comprehensive Guide to Door Locks for Your Home

14 March 2024

Locks serve as the first line of defence against intruders and give peace of mind to homeowners alike. However, choosing from the wide array of locks available on the market can be a daunting task; each plays its own vital part in protecting your house. In this article we’ll discuss the best home locks to identify suitable options for every area of your house. 

Front Door Locks

The first place you’ll want to secure is your front door lock. As the main entrance to your property, it’s imperative that you have the necessary latches and bolts to reinforce it. 

Install a deadbolt if you haven’t already; this is the most secure standard lock type available and can resist a considerable amount of force. Night-latches are also highly recommended, allowing easy opening from the interior, while requiring a key to open the lock from the exterior. Fitting chain latches is a great final addition. These allow you to slightly open the door to check for visitors. 

Alternatively, choose a keyless entry system if you’re looking for added convenience. Smart locks allow you to open your front door lock with a keypad or key fob. Some keyless entry systems come with built in cameras to be notified when someone is at your front door. This avoids needing to open the door to find out who’s there. 

UPvC Door Locks

UPvC doors are a popular choice for entryways due to their durability and energy efficiency. UPvC doors usually come stocked with multi-point locking systems which bolt the door closed at multiple points around the door frame. These are designed to keep your door airtight during the day, and leave it securely closed when leaving the house. Once you close the deadbolt lock on the UPvC door, the bolts at every point will secure it against break-ins. 

Add more protection with an anti-snap euro cylinder lock, designed specifically to withstand common burglary techniques such as lock snapping or picking. The one drawback of UPvC doors is that their material can be more vulnerable to excessive force. 

Multi-Point Locking System

A multi-point locking system can also be installed on other door types to make them harder to break open. These are especially important to install on external doors to secure all the main access points to your house.

Equally, you can upgrade the current multi-point locking system on your UPvC door. There are a range of lock system products from different providers which can improve the safety of your doors. 

Security Door Locks

To further reinforce your property, you can install security doors. A security door, or composite door, is incredibly robust and will withstand break-ins with ease. This makes a great replacement for front doors or areas you would particularly like to protect, such as a garage or shed. 

These door products come at a high upfront price but are excellent for securing important access points. Standard security door locks are usually an advanced type of deadbolt or multi-point locking system to firmly reinforce the door within the frame. 

Patio Door Locks

Patio doors are external and are usually glass panelled doors, making them prime targets for intruders. Installing robust patio door locks, and alarm systems, is essential in protecting your home and deterring would-be burglars. 

One of the most effective types of patio door locks is a sliding door deadlock. These locks – either latches or a cylinder lock – secure the sliding door against being opened from the outside. In addition, consider investing in a security bar or bolt for added reinforcement. 

For added ease and protection, opt for patio door locks with interior and exterior keyed access – this allows you to quickly lock or unlock it from either side. 

Window Locks

Windows are often neglected when it comes to home security, yet they provide potential entryways for intruders. Installing effective window locks will significantly strengthen the protection of your home and give you peace of mind that your windows are secure. 

Sash locks are one of the most widely-used window locks, providing added protection by locking the sashes together. They can be easily fitted and help securely lock your windows. There are various lock and handle designs to match your window styles and sizes. 

Consider investing in sliding window locks to add an additional layer of security to your home. These locks prevent windows and doors from being forced open by intruders and provide another layer of protection. 

Bathroom Door Locks

A bathroom door primarily serves the purpose of privacy rather than security; nonetheless they still play an essential role in providing comfort and convenience within your home. It is

essential to take functionality and aesthetics into account when choosing bathroom door locks. 

A privacy knob or lever lock is a popular choice for bathroom door locks, offering easy locking and unlocking from within for added privacy when needed. 

Installing a bathroom door lock with a thumb-turn feature for added peace of mind and added security will provide quick unlocking from outside should someone need assistance while locked inside their bathroom. This enables quick unlocking in emergencies where someone is unable to unlock the door. 

Bedroom Door Locks

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary of comfort, so ensuring its security and privacy are of utmost importance. There are an array of bedroom door lock products available, from traditional deadbolts to latches. 

Install a Grade 1 deadbolt on your bedroom door for maximum security, as they offer superior strength and durability against forced entry. Furthermore, select one with a reinforced strike plate for further security. 

Privacy is the main priority with a bedroom lock. Sometimes you want to close the door from the inside and avoid opening from the exterior. 

How a Locksmith Can Assist

Home security starts with selecting and installing appropriate locks; but its effectiveness hinges on their proper installation as well. That is where locksmiths come in: providing expert assistance with installing and maintaining locks throughout your home. 

Professional Installation

Locksmiths possess the expertise, skills, and tools to install a variety of locks accurately. Whether installing high-security deadbolts or smart locks, a locksmith can ensure they are properly aligned and functional. 

Bespoke Solutions

Locksmiths recognise the unique challenges associated with every home and can offer tailored lock solutions to meet your specific security needs. Locksmiths can offer recommendations to specifically meet their clients’ requirements, from reinforcing weak entry points to installing new locks. 

Emergency Services

Locksmiths also provide emergency services like lockout assistance and repairs when your locks fail to function as expected. In case you misplace your keys or experience a break-in, locksmiths can respond promptly to restore security to your home. 

Upgrades and Maintenance

Over time, locks may wear down, diminishing their effectiveness. Locksmiths offer routine maintenance services to keep them in prime condition as well as rekeying or upgrades to outdated lock systems. 

Professional Advice

Locksmiths offer invaluable advice about home security best practices as well as installation and maintenance services. Their advice can help guide decisions to protect yourself and your loved ones. 


Selecting the right locks for your home is fundamental in protecting yourself, your loved ones and their belongings. Including front door, bathroom, bedroom, window and patio door locks, investing in high-quality locking mechanisms will bring peace of mind while protecting against intruders. By customising mechanisms for each area of your home you can increase your security and comfort over time.