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Van Slam Locks v Deadlocks

8 December 2023

If you’re a van owner, slam locks and deadlocks are essential to the security of your vehicle. This is especially true for people who depend on their vans for business, like tradespeople, delivery drivers or home removals workers. Vans are particularly vulnerable to theft because of the parcels, tools and equipment they often carry. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your vans are suitably secure.

In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to make sure that you have the right features on your van locks, or if you’re looking into getting a new van, that it has van slam locks and deadlocks.

Different Van Door Locks

There are two main kinds of van door locks; slam locks and deadlocks. They both serve the same purpose of keeping your vans locked and secure, but do so in slightly different ways. We’ll explore their different functions in this article:

Slam Locks

A van slam lock is primarily designed to provide additional security for the van driver on the move. They work by integrating with the standard lock on the side or rear door of your van, opened with a key and automatically locking each time the van doors are shut.

These locks are especially useful for vans of multi-drop delivery drivers or tradespeople who are working in a busy area throughout the day. No one wants their van unlocked in these situations; vulnerable to theft while you have your hands full. It is also time-saving not having to lock and unlock your van door with a key each time.

Slam locks also ensure a thief can’t capitalise on the van driver forgetting to lock the van door manually, the door will simply shut and lock automatically. The latest model van slam locks are also highly resistant to lock-picking due to their advanced design, acting as a visual deterrent for would-be van thieves. This goes to show that slam locks are a must for your van doors to avoid package or tool theft.


A van dead lock is designed to be strong and durable to provide additional overnight security. They act as an independent manual locking mechanism, separate from a van’s standard locking system. Van owners would manually lock the deadlock on their vans with a key before leaving the vehicle for the night.

Deadlocks are machined from incredibly tough steel, made to withstand boring with a drill or leverage by a crowbar. If a thief is able to get past the standard van locks, they’ll have a very hard time getting past its deadlock. A van deadlock is the gold standard in high security locks.


Hopefully by the end of this article you have understood the importance of these locks to the security of your van and its contents.

The automatic locking of the van slam lock means your van doors will be far more secure while you’re on-the-go during the work day. The dependability of a deadlock means your van can reliably be left for longer periods without concern of a break-in. Consider installing slam locks and deadlocks for vans to ensure they are securely locked, both at work and overnight.

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