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Rekeying and Master Key Service for Landlords

Rekeying and Master Key Service for Landlords

As a landlord, you are regularly getting new tenants occupying your building. While you are not legally obligated to change the locks or have your locks rekeyed, you do need to provide an adequate level of security for your tenants, in order to obtain insurance on the building.

The cheapest way to do this when you have a changeover of tenants is to have your locks rekeyed. This is when the key pins in the locks are changed to fit new keys, rendering old keys useless.

This is an especially useful service when rekeying for student accommodation or housing, as you may need to rekey many locks at once. In this case, paying for a rekeying service will be significantly cheaper than paying to have all the locks changed.

Landlord Master Key

You need to have access to your tenants’ living space in case of emergency and for maintenance workers to carry out repairs or improvements on the property. You may also want to limit tenants’ access to particular parts of the building, such as allowing them access to an on-site gym, but excluding access to maintenance cupboards. In this scenario, you will need your locks rekeyed for a master key.

Rekeying your locks for master keys is a cheap and simple process: a master wafer is placed between the pins in the locks of your choosing, ensuring that the master key can access those doors. Change keys – the keys given to your tenants – will only be able to access the spaces which they have been keyed for, such as their place of residence.

Cost to Rekey Locks

Rekeying locks is significantly cheaper than having your locks replaced, especially if you want several locks adjusted at once. Landlords can save money by having locks rekeyed by a professional locksmith, ensuring security for your tenants and complete access for yourself.

These are the average costs for specific lock types:

  • Internal door lock (bedroom/bathroom): £45
  • Door handle: £55
  • Front or back door lock: £65
  • uPVC door lock: £65

If you decide to have your locks rekeyed, contact Tony’s Locksmith for first-class service in the Cardiff, South Wales and Valleys area.

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    Excellent quick service! Lost my car fob 2 days ago. Which caused massive panic! Advised to phone Tony who came out to My work the next day and sorted the whole thing! Great service and great price! The Ford garage in comparison were very unhelpful and double the price! Thanks Tony!!

    Catherine M
    17 Nov 2023

    Excellent service delivered. Very professional and helpful when I called to book an appointment. Promptly arrived and sorted my key jam and replacement. I'd recommend Tony's Locksmith any day. 5 stars from a happy customer. Give them a call today.

    Olaitan B
    14 Nov 2023

    Outstanding service. I phoned Tony, arranged a suitable time and day. He arrived when agreed and made a new car key within 30 minutes at an excellent price - much better value than anyone else in the area. Would highly recommend and will use Tony again in the future.

    James B
    07 Nov 2023
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