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What you should look at when securing your property

20 April 2017

When you are looking at securing your home there are many things to keep in mind which you may not be blindingly obvious. One of the first things that Tony’s Locksmith Cardiff recommends that has a big impact on your home security is to make your home blend in with the surrounding properties.

The look of the property from the outside gives potential intruders an idea of the suggested wealth of the owner. This means that if a house stands out in a neighbourhood it may be more likely to be targeted. This is not to say you should not make your house pleasant to look at from outside, but just to keep it to a minimum and not stand out as ostentatious.

Another good deterrent is man’s best friend the dog

guard dog

Having a dog at your home can put potential burglars off your property and make them seek an alternative property to break in. However getting a dog purely for security is not recommended as it involves a lot of responsibility, and unless you like long walks there are other things that may be better. You could try a barking guard dog security alarm which has improved greatly over the last few years and are now much more advanced with intelligent barking behaviour, such as distant approach up to 6m away = single or several dog barks, Medium approach = multiple and single dog barks, Close approach = fierce and continuous barking,

But before you invest in this you should contact Tony’s locksmith Cardiff to perform a security review of your property which will involve analysing all potential access points into your property. The first line of defense for any property is high-quality locks on all doors and windows including patio doors.

The main goal at Tony’s locksmith Cardiff is to find the best and most affordable solution to provide the highest standard of security for your property and family.