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Keeping your home safe when you go on holiday

20 November 2023

When planning your next holiday, keeping your home safe when you are away should be one of the topmost things on your mind. A good plan will ensure that your home and your belongings are secure and that should give you the peace of mind that you require for an enjoyable holiday.

Follow these tips from Tony’s Locksmith for peace of mind while you’re away!

home security when on holiday

Keeping Burglars Out

Keep Your Holiday On The Down-Low

An important goal to consider is how to keep the burglar away. Burglars can act on information that we inadvertently let out. It is therefore important not to disclose to strangers or persons who are not close family and friends that we will be going away on holiday. Travel plans innocently displayed on social media can also provide burglars with the information they need to make a move on your home.

Install Lights On Timers

Before heading out, the property must be adequately secured to ensure that it does not attract the attention of opportunist burglars who are on the lookout for unoccupied properties. A house that is in darkness every night is an indication that the owner is absent. It is a good idea to install a light on a timer that switches on the light in the evenings. Valuables placed where they can easily be viewed through a window present an open invitation to burglars. They should be locked away in a safe location where they cannot be easily seen.

Make Sure Windows and Doors Are Secure

Enhancing the security around the premises helps deter break-ins. Most burglars do not want to attract any attention while they are at it. For example, they will attempt to force a window frame open rather than smashing the window. It is therefore essential to make sure that all windows and doors in the property are fitted with strong locks and that these locks are in operation at the time you are leaving.

Install A Burglar Alarm

A functional burglar alarm is also a deterrent to burglary. An alarm box fitted in front and another at the back of the house is a reasonable investment to make before heading out. Not only do they serve as a visual deterrent, but they will also alert neighbours in the event of a break-in. A wireless system alarm box can be installed quickly and can be operated remotely. Modern technology now enables remote activation of an alarm system through the use of applications that can be downloaded on smartphones.

Motion Sensor Lights and CCTV

You should also consider installing security lights with motion sensors in strategic locations on your premises. Well, illuminated premises discourage would-be burglars, as they can easily be spotted by neighbours before they have the chance to gain entry into your home. When used in conjunction with closed-circuit TV cameras connected to a router, it is possible to monitor what is going on around your home on your smartphone, even while you are away on holiday.