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How to choose the correct door lock for your home

6 February 2017

As with most people these days, home security is top of your list where the safety of you and your family is concerned, and your security starts with the type of lock you have on your front door. Having an inferior locking system on an exterior door to your home means more chance of intruders gaining entry and not only putting your lives in danger but also increasing the risk of having all your belongings stolen as well.

Knowing how to choose the correct door lock for your home will give you the peace of mind you need as to the safety of you, the other members of your family, and all your precious personal belongings.

According to the experts, front and back doors usually have two main types of locks, namely levers and knobs, and deadbolts. While levers and knobs do provide a certain amount of security, it the deadbolt that makes the door most secure.

Locks aren’t something that you buy every day, so the only reasons why you are shopping for locks would be that you have a new home under construction, that you are renovating your current home, or that you want to change the locks on your door because of a break-in.

Knowing how to choose the correct door lock for your home means that you must take the following into consideration:

• Functionality – since your front door is the main entry point to your home, you will need a high-quality lock that provides the ultimate level of security
• Durability – check the grade of the lock. Choose a Grade 1 lock that offers the highest security level, and can withstand the type of rough handling that is common with the opening and closing of the front door of a home. Check too, that the lock you choose is BHMA certified
• Aesthetics – although aesthetics is important to you when choosing your door lock, it should only be considered after you have found a lock that is durable and has the functions that you need. Fortunately, locks of all grades are available in a wide variety of designs and finishes to suit the needs of all homeowners
• Cost – the price, of course, is also an important factor of knowing how to choose a door lock for your home. As with most things, the cost of your lock will depend a lot on the quality, style, grade, and features it provides

Advice from those in the know

The following hints and tips from qualified engineers and locksmiths will help you even further, to know how to choose the correct door lock for your home.

Tip #1 To make sure that you are buying the door lock that will give you the maximum security, choose a Grade 1 deadbolt with a 1-inch throw. The bolt that slides into the door frame and actually locks the door is known as the “throw”.

Tip # 2 Check for the UL on the packaging of the lock that you decide to buy, as this is an indication that the lock is compliant with the fire safety standards. This is an essential factor, especially if the lock is to be fitted on a door that leads from your house into your garage.

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