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How Much Does a Replacement Car Key Cost UK?

21 July 2023

Whether you’ve lost your car keys or need a spare set, knowing the cost of replacing them is essential. In the UK, the cost of a new key replacement varies widely and is influenced by several factors.

Are Car Key Replacements Expensive?

Yes, replacement car keys can be quite expensive, but the exact cost is highly dependent on various factors.

The most significant among these is the model and brand of the vehicle. Modern vehicles often come with more complex key systems, such as transponder keys or smart keys, which are more expensive to replace than traditional manual keys due to the technology inside.

Luxury brands may also have more costly replacement keys due to the specialised technology or unique security features they use. Whereas, more basic car models such as Volkswagen or Ford car keys are much more affordable.

Car Key Replacement Costs

A broken or lost key is an unfortunate and costly error. Sometimes the repair of a car key can be worth hundreds of pounds if needed.

In the UK, the cost of replacing car keys can vary significantly depending on several factors like the type of key and the model of your car. Here’s a rough breakdown based on various sources:

Type of Key Average Cost
Manual Car Key £160
Smart Car Key £320
Ford Focus Car Key £210
Mercedes Car Key £350
Range Rover Sport Car Key Starts from £590

(Please note these are an average car key replacement cost and actual prices can vary depending on specific circumstances.)

Factors Influencing the Cost of Car Key Replacement

Several factors influence replacement car keys cost in the UK. Here are a few:

Type of Key

The type of key you need replaced significantly impacts the cost. Basic keys without any additional features will be the cheapest to replace, while technologically advanced keys, such as those with integrated remote controls or proximity features, will cost more.

Car Model and Age

The model and age of your vehicle can also affect the cost of key replacement. Newer models often have more complex keys, leading to higher replacement costs. Furthermore, some car models may require specialised parts that are not readily available to the public, further increasing the replacement cost.

Locksmiths and Dealerships

Where you choose to get your replacement key can also affect the cost. Dealerships are often more expensive than auto locksmiths. However, auto locksmiths who carry key programming equipment, often worth thousands, can replace keys for nearly all models and makes at varying costs.

Does Car Insurance Cover Car Key Replacement?

In the UK, car key insurance, also known as key cover, typically covers the cost of replacing your car keys if they’re lost, broken or stolen. However, not all comprehensive car insurance policies include this coverage as standard as some offer it as an optional extra.

If your car key is lost or stolen, you may be able to claim the cost of a replacement on your car insurance policy. However, generally, only fully comprehensive insurance will cover lost car keys.

What Do I Do If My Car Keys Are Lost/Won’t Work?

Call Tonys Auto Locksmith 

If you find yourself in the situation of broken or lost car keys and are in need of a replacement key it’s advisable to speak with a local specialist auto locksmith.

At Tony’s auto locksmiths, we can help you get into your car using special tools and engineering and repair or provide a blank, generic key that can still be programmed for your car. We will also be able to disable the old key, reducing the risk of theft. We also offer a mobile service and emergency service, meaning we can come to you, at any time or place saving you the hassle with no call-out charge.

We have helped numerous people get into their cars over the years providing a quick and professional service each time to ensure satisfied customers.

Call us at 07798 612837 or email: [email protected]


While the cost of replacing a car key in the UK can be hefty, it is a necessary expense for the security of your vehicle. By understanding these costs and the factors influencing them, you can better prepar