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24 Hour Car Locksmith: Emergency Car Key Service

24 Hour Car Locksmith: Emergency Car Key Service

Imagine this: it’s late at night, and you find yourself locked out of your car, without a spare key nearby. While no one wants to experience this predicament, a 24 hour car locksmith service exists exactly for moments like these. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into this field, addressing why emergency auto locksmiths are a crucial number to keep in your mobile phone and how these professionals can be your solution when problems arise with your vehicle locks or keys.

If you’re in need of a 24 hour emergency auto locksmith in the South Wales and Valleys area, contact Tony’s Locksmith now.

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Reasons You May Require An Auto Locksmith

One of the main reasons people require emergency auto locksmith services is getting locked out of their cars, whether by leaving keys inside, losing them, or getting keys stuck – and in such an instance, a professional locksmith can help get back in without causing any additional damage to your motor vehicle.

Breakage or Damage of Car Keys

If you have an old key, you may find it’s too worn to operate the ignition. Car keys can become worn over time, becoming damaged and unusable without prompt repairs from locksmiths. They have the expertise necessary to repair car keys or replace a worn car key if it’s too damaged. This will ensure you can continue driving your vehicle as usual.

Damaged Car Locks

If someone attempted to break in to your vehicle, your locks could be damaged beyond repair. A car locksmith offers car lock replacement to regain access to your car. New car locks will mean you also need new vehicle keys too.

Locked Out

In rare occasions, it is possible for keys to get left in a locked car. In this case, a car locksmith can use their equipment to safely gain entry to your vehicle without causing any damage. Trying to access your vehicle without the help of professional services could mean you do more harm than good while gaining access to the car.

Lost Keys or Stolen Car Keys

Having your car keys stolen or trying to find lost keys can be cause for great anxiety. In an emergency, 24 hour car key replacement services can program you a new key. This process will also render any lost or stolen car key useless and remove its connection to your car door locks.

Older or cheaper cars often cannot be remotely unlocked by their keys. In this case, you need a replacement car key cutting service. A locksmith can get you a new key cut specifically for your car door.

Transponder Programming

Modern commercial vehicle security is better than ever thanks to transponder keys. If your transponder keys malfunction or require programming, an auto locksmith service offers car key repairs, or replacement keys and programming if your old keys cannot be fixed.

Key Extraction

Is your car key stuck or broken off in the ignition or door lock? Attempting to remove them yourself could do more harm than good. A professional auto locksmith has all of the tools and expertise needed to safely extract broken vehicle keys from your car doors or ignition and restore normal functionality of locks and ignitions.

Ignition Issues

Faulty ignition switches can stop your car from starting. A car locksmith specialises in diagnosing and repairing ignition problems quickly and affordably – saving you from towing costs to dealerships or a garage to have it repaired.

Spare Key Creation

For peace of mind in case of emergencies, having a spare car key can be invaluable. Car locksmiths specialise in creating duplicate transponder keys and key fobs to provide extra peace of mind in case of unexpected incidents.

An Emergency Locksmith Can Provide Quick Assistance

Emergency locksmiths play an invaluable role in providing immediate assistance when facing car lock and key challenges. Here’s what to expect from an auto locksmith service:

Round-the-Clock Service

As their name implies, 24-hour car locksmiths are always on call; 365 days of the year, ready to respond promptly when lock and key emergencies arise.

Mobile Service

Most auto locksmiths offer mobile service, which means they come directly to you no matter your location – be it home, roadside, parking lot or anywhere else! When needed they arrive equipped with all necessary tools and equipment.

Rapid Response Time

An emergency locksmith can get to you fast, typically arriving within 30 to an hour to your location for minimal disruption of your schedule.

Professional Expertise

Locksmiths trained and experienced with working on various models are adept at handling their car lock and key systems, as well as understanding any intricacies of operating them.

Car Key Programming and Cutting

Locksmiths offer key cutting and programming services on-site to meet any of your key needs, be they new keys, spare keys, or repairs for damaged keys. They have you covered!

Ignition Repair and Replacement

When your ignition stops working as it should, or has become damaged, a car locksmith can diagnose the issue and perform necessary repairs or replace keys without taking you all the way back to a dealership.

Transponder Key Services

Auto locksmiths specialise in programming, repairing or replacing transponder keys to ensure that their security system functions effectively in your vehicle.

Remote Fob Services

When your remote vehicle keys stop working or need reprogramming, a vehicle locksmith is here to help you use it to securely lock, unlock and start your car again with ease.

Pricing for Car Locksmith Services (£)

The costs associated with car locksmith services can depend on numerous factors, including job complexity and location of the locksmith. Here are approximate price ranges for common services provided by a UK auto locksmith:

Lockout Services: £50 to £100

Key Extraction: £50 to £100

Cutting Keys: £50 to £100

Ignition Repair: £100 to £200

Transponder Programming: £100 to £200

Remote Key Fob Programming: £100 to £200

Spare Key Creation Services: £50 to £150

Please keep in mind that these prices are estimates, as they may change depending on the make and model of your vehicle, time of day/night when services are required and other factors.

At Tony’s Locksmith, we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality auto locksmith service for a good price. Our mobile team can reach you anywhere in the South Wales and Valleys area, and our professional staff will take care of all your lock-related issues.


Issues with your car lock or car key can strike at any time, making emergency auto locksmith services indispensable in times of trouble. They provide around-the-clock assistance, fast response times, and a wide array of services designed to address common automotive lock and key issues – whether that means being locked out of your vehicle, having ignition troubles, or needing an extra key – providing convenience and peace of mind when you need it most.

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    Excellent quick service! Lost my car fob 2 days ago. Which caused massive panic! Advised to phone Tony who came out to My work the next day and sorted the whole thing! Great service and great price! The Ford garage in comparison were very unhelpful and double the price! Thanks Tony!!

    Catherine M
    17 Nov 2023

    Excellent service delivered. Very professional and helpful when I called to book an appointment. Promptly arrived and sorted my key jam and replacement. I'd recommend Tony's Locksmith any day. 5 stars from a happy customer. Give them a call today.

    Olaitan B
    14 Nov 2023

    Outstanding service. I phoned Tony, arranged a suitable time and day. He arrived when agreed and made a new car key within 30 minutes at an excellent price - much better value than anyone else in the area. Would highly recommend and will use Tony again in the future.

    James B
    07 Nov 2023
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