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Tony’s Locksmith offers a wide range of automotive locksmith services. Our services include but are not limited to Vauxhall Key Programming in Cardiff. Tony’s Locksmith provides quality and reliable services at affordable prices for all Vauxhall car owners. Whether you need key programming, repair, or replacement, Tony’s Locksmith can get you back on the road in an instant.

If you are interested in our Vauxhall Key Programming services, feel free to get in touch at 07798612837.


How Do We Program Vauxhall Keys?

Remote key central locking systems come as a standard in all recent models of Vauxhalls. This technology works using a unique transmitter and responder pairing between your unique key and car. This means that your key will send specific radio waves to the responder in your car to tell it to activate the central locking system. Each car is programmed with its own frequency to ensure that your key only works with your car. This prevents other keys from accessing your Vauxhall.

To program a Vauxhall key, our specialist auto locksmiths are able to reverse engineer the connection using specialist tools. This allows us to program a brand-new key to the same connection that your existing key uses. If you need replacement keys or spares for extra family members, we can produce one or several Vauxhall programmed keys for your benefit.

What Vauxhall Key Programming Services Do We Provide?

  • Vauxhall Spare Keys
    If you require a spare remote key for your Vauxhall, we can produce high-quality and reliable programmed keys that will work just as well as the original. If you’ve bought your car second-hand and it only comes with one key, you may want to ensure that you have an extra in case it ever goes missing. Whatever your situation, Tony’s Locksmith can quickly program new Vauxhall keys to sit your needs.
  • Lost or Broken Vauxhall Key Replacement
    Supply other drivers of your car with their own individual key and ensure you have a spare should a single key ever go missing. Tony’s Locksmith provides affordable options for several Vauxhall key programming services. Get in touch for fast and cost-effective key programming.
  • Vauxhall Lock Repairs
    Tony’s Locksmith is here to help if your locks have been damaged or stopped working efficiently. We provide a full range of locksmith repairs for all Vauxhall cars. Whether you need a lock replaced, repaired, or overhauled, our fully qualified locksmiths will get the job done as fast as possible
  • Vauxhall Ignition Switch repair
    If you’ve experienced problems with your ignition switch, Tony’s Locksmith has can provide services across South Wales to get you back on the road. Our quick and reliable locksmith services are able to retrofit new ignitions switches or provide high-quality refurbishment options for older models
  • Vauxhall Key Repair
    Tony’s Locksmith can provide you with efficient and cost-effective options to repair broken or damaged keys. Whether wear and tear have caused chips or scrapes or more severe damage has affected the efficiency of your key. Tony’s Locksmith can make quick repairs or provide you with a brand-new Vauxhall programmed key.

Do I have to visit a licensed Vauxhall key programmer?

Vauxhall licensed specialists offer the same quality of service as Tony’s Locksmith whilst charging a higher premium for their branding. Services provided by Tony’s Locksmith are dependable, secure, and always affordable. Our range of auto-locksmithing services includes Vauxhall key programming, key repairs, and car access.

We utilize the same equipment as Vauxhall specialists, provide a more efficient service, and can reach you across South Wales if you require mobile services. Save time and money with Vauxhall Key Programming from Tony’s Locksmith.


Whether you need your Vauxhaull key fixed or a new set of keys made, require an additional set of keys created, or have lost your vehicle key entirely, Tony’s Locksmith is prepared with the equipment and expertise to get you back on the road quickly.

Tony’s Locksmiths is a family run business that has been helping people throughout Cardiff with their locksmith needs for 20 years. We operate in and around the city and are the leading 24-hour emergency locksmith within the area.

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