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Tony’s Locksmith is a well-experienced, highly trained and equipped locksmith providing excellent auto locksmithing services across Cardiff and South Wales. As the leading auto locksmith in the area, we have built a reputation upon reliability, fast and straightforward services and unbeaten prices.

We are equipped with the tools and technology to regain access to a Toyota vehicle, program Toyota keys and repair any part of the locking system.

Efficient emergency auto locksmith services for your hour of need

Losing access to your vehicle when away from your home or before you have somewhere important to be can be a challenging experience. If you’re reading this and need assistance, call Tony’s Locksmith on 0779 861 2837.

We aim to reach your location in under twenty minutes for each of our emergency callouts. We’ll come equipped with the necessary repair and programming tools to solve any problem you may have.

We’ll bring our services to you to ensure you can get your Toyota vehicle back on the road without additional stress. Getting locked out of your car or losing a key can be a harmless mistake. You shouldn’t have to pay excessive fees because of it. At Tony’s Locksmith, we are competitively priced to guarantee affordable Toyota key replacement or repair.

Our auto locksmith services for Toyota keys

  • Vehicle access

If you’ve locked your keys in the car or misplaced them and need access fast, Tony’s Locksmith has the tools to regain access without additional damage or fuss.

Our callout service means we can come to you to help regain access wherever you are in South Wales. All it takes is a quick call, and we’ll aim to reach you within 30 minutes of your call.

  • Broken key repair

Several ways in which a Toyota car key can be damaged cause it to stop working as it should. This may include broken or jammed keys, dead batteries, broken or unresponsive buttons, and general wear and tear that creates temperamental functionality.

Bring your key along to our Cardiff store or give us a call so we can find you. We’ll take a look at the problem and decide whether we can fix the key or whether it’s worth programming a new key. Whatever the right solution is for you, we’ll provide it at an affordable price in minutes.

  • Toyota key duplication

We recommend to each client that having two keys is far better than one. If you lose your original key or lock it in the car, you’ll always have a way of accessing the vehicle with ease.

That’s why Tony’s Locksmith offers an affordable key duplication service for all Toyota keys and fobs. We stock a range of blank keys for modern and previous car models. With the right tools and some industry expertise, we can program a spare key in no time at all.


Why should you work with an auto locksmith for your Toyota?

There are plenty of DIY guides for programming Toyota keys and regaining entry to a vehicle online. This indicates that it is simple to perform these jobs without any specialist equipment and training. Unfortunately, anyone following one of these online guides is likely to find out they were wrong.

Professionally accessing a vehicle takes years of training and experience for each car manufacturer. Specific security systems and mechanisms vary amongst vehicle models, which require specialist expertise to know the right tool for the job.

If you want to regain access to your Toyota, or require a new key, enquire about Tony’s Locksmith. We can unlock your car without any additional damage. The same cannot be said if you attempt this task yourself.

Should I visit a licensed Toyota key programmer?

When requesting a new key, you’ll want to ensure that the job is done correctly so you can access your vehicle reliably. While some uncertified locksmiths may claim to have the right tools and knowledge to perform key programming, they may not be the most reliable.

Meanwhile, Tony’s Locksmith has been operating in the industry for over 20 years. We are Cardiff’s leading auto locksmith, providing services across South Wales. We heavily invest in all of our equipment, ensuring we always have the right tool for the job.

Contact Tony’s Locksmith today or visit us in-store if you’re looking for a reliable and professional auto locksmith.


Whether you need your Toyota key fixed or a new set of keys made, require an additional set of keys created, or have lost your vehicle key entirely, Tony’s Locksmith is prepared with the equipment and expertise to get you back on the road quickly.

Tony’s Locksmiths is a family run business that has been helping people throughout Cardiff with their locksmith needs for 20 years. We operate in and around the city and are the leading 24-hour emergency locksmith within the area.

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