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Replacement Locks Cardiff

At Tony’s Locksmith we offer replacement locks. We supply locks and fit locks at competitive prices.

For a breakdown of our prices see our prices page. We are able to advise on site which types of locks will be the most appropriate to use in which situations, but we’ve included a handy guide below to let you know what to expect.

Guide to locks for your home

When it comes to providing security for your home, locks for the main entry points are the top priority. However, with various different types of lock to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this post, we take a look at the main types of lock used in homes, outlining how they work and their positives and negatives.

1. Five-Lever Mortice Deadlock

Mortice locks are locks which require a pocket to be cut into the frame of the door for the bolt to go into. For front and back doors, the most common of these is the five-lever mortice deadlock. This is considered a standard deadlock, and one of the primary advantages is the way the lock mechanism remains relatively well hidden.

This type of lock offers moderate protection and some insurance policies will insist that this is the minimum standard fitted to a front door in order to receive coverage. A mortice deadlock of this type is operated by key and can be locked and unlocked from either side. In many cases, it will be paired with a rim lock for added protection.

2. Rim Automatic Deadlatch With Key-Locking Handle

Unlike mortice locks, rim locks are mounted on the inside of the door itself. The most common of these for use in homes is a rim automatic deadlatch with key-locking handle. They are suitable for inward-opening doors and, depending on the exact lock, it will either be opened with a key or an electronic mechanism.

These locks are not the most secure option when used on their own, and if it is your sole lock, it could result in a higher insurance premium. However, when utilised alongside another lock, rim automatic deadlatches add a valuable extra layer of security. Another benefit is the small amount of damage caused to the door when they are installed.

3. Key Operated Multi-Point Locking System

Finally, multi-point locking systems are common on modern UPVC doors and work by bolting the door into the door frame and locking it at multiple different points. All of these locking points are operated by the turn of a single key, making this a quick, easy system, which also offers a high level of security.

In most cases, a key operated multi-point locking system is fitted into the frame of the door at the top and in the middle. It is a system most commonly seen in patio and back doors, although many modern houses also use them to secure the front door. Again, they may or may be used in conjunction with other locking systems.

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