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Renault key programming Cardiff

Tony’s Locksmith is a family run business based in Cardiff, South Wales. Alongside regular locksmithing services, Tony’s Locksmith offers a range of auto locksmith services, including Renault Key Programming.

As a family run business that has been providing high-quality locksmithing services for over 30 years, Tony’s Locksmith is fully-equipped and well-practised in affordable and efficient programming of Renault car keys. No matter whether you are locked out of your car, need a spare for a family member or have damaged your key, Tony’s has the solution for you. Give us a call on 07798612837 and we’ll come straight to you.

How Does a Renault Key Work?

All modern remote central locking keys operate with a transponder chip that is programmed to your individual vehicle. For security purposes, your vehicle and its key must be paired using a unique code. This ensures, that as the owner of the key, you are the only person that can access your vehicle. Whilst other owners of the same model of Renault may have the same car and the same key, they operate on a different connection code and so won’t unlock another model of that car or any other type of car.

As Auto Locksmiths, Tony’s Locksmith is experienced and fully equipped to reverse engineer the connection within your car in order to program new Renault keys, specific to your vehicle. This means, no matter if you have lost or damaged your existing key, Tony’s Locksmith can always provide Renault Key Programming whenever needed.

What Renault Key Programming Services Do We Provide?

Do I have to have a key programmed by a Renault licensed professional?

The short answer to this question is no. Tony’s Locksmith is more than equipped to provide reliable and professional Renault Key Programming. We have the expertise and equipment to reverse engineer the process to quickly provide you with the same high-quality service you would receive from Renault directly. The only difference in our service is that Tony’s Locksmith is able to provide a far more affordable price.

Can Renault Keys be reprogrammed?

Existing Renault keys which are already programmed to a vehicle cannot be reprogrammed to work for a different car. Whilst the cheapest option for key replacements may be to pick up a second-hand key, or borrow a friend’s, the security system within the key prevents this from being useful. Remote keys and their transponders are encrypted to prevent outside sources from accessing your vehicle. This means that wiping the key and reprogramming it to control another car is impossible.

Alternatively, Tony’s Locksmith has access to a stock of fresh Renault keys that can be programmed to your unique vehicle for a low price. Not only does this ensure the job is done well, but it prevents damage to your existing key or vehicle that may have occurred if you attempted to reprogram an existing key.


Whether you need a Renault key repaired or replaced, require an extra set of keys to be made up or have lost your car key altogether, Tony’s Locksmith is fully equipped with the tools and experience to get you back on the road again in no time.