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Tony’s Locksmith provides rapid and inexpensive Ford key programming services that are both quick and affordable. We are proud to announce that we are the best auto locksmith in Cardiff, providing high-quality, low-cost Ford key replacements and programming services to all Ford drivers.

Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced specialists who know how to handle any Ford vehicle key or ignition issue. You can bank on Tony’s Locksmith being a reasonable and fair business!

For more information about our Ford Car Key programming services, contact us now at 07798612837.

Ford Key Programming – Ford Keys Replaced – Lost Car Keys – Ignition Repairing


How Do Ford Central Locking Keys Work?

Ford central locking keys are operable with the push of a button. There is no key cylinder or tumbler used for this type of lock. The typical Ford key fob has an internal battery that powers all functions. Using unique codes that are linked to your own vehicle, this innovative and impressive technology allows you to lock and unlock your car at the push of a button.

A professionally equipped automotive locksmith can get access to this information and create new transponder keys that will immediately respond to your vehicle. A Ford key may not be re-programmed or unprogrammed, providing more protection.

What Ford Key Programming Services do we provide?

  • Ford Spare Keys
    It is simple for a professional locksmith to duplicate and program Ford keys. If you need more keys for your family or want to be sure you have a spare on hand, programming additional Ford keys is a piece of cake for Tony’s Locksmith.
  • Lost or Broken Ford Key Replacements
    If you misplace your Ford keys or have them destroyed in a lock, we can quickly program new keys. In a few minutes, our locksmith service can replace your automobile keys in Cardiff and South Wales.
  • Lock Repairs for Ford Cars
    Bring your keys in for key replacement if the Ford car locks aren’t opening promptly, it’s cycling rapidly, or there’s a lot of wear on your Ford automobile key. We provide fast Ford Lock repairs in our company facilities or mobile services.
  • Ford Ignition Switch Repair
    Do you have a problem with your Ford’s ignition? Do you have a faulty Ford key or are your cars not starting? Ignition repairs may be useful for keys that just won’t work. Ignition difficulties can be caused by a variety of issues, and Tony’s Locksmith is skilled in diagnosing a number of different issues, as well as Ford key programming.
  • Ford Key Repair
    Has your Ford vehicle key gotten damaged, scratched, or otherwise aged? At Tony’s Locksmith, we can replace or repair chipped, scratched, and worn-out Ford keys.

Do I need to visit a licensed Ford key programmer?

A Ford specialist is not required to have a Ford key programmed. You may save a lot of money by not using these companies and instead utilizing the services offered by Tony’s Locksmiths. We have the necessary equipment and can provide a high-quality service at an affordable price.

Can Ford Keys be Reprogrammed?

Duplicate keys that have previously been programmed to a particular car cannot be reprogrammed to operate in another automobile. When replacing a current key, a new one must be programmed as a replacement. This ensures that your key is more secure since it only works for your unique Ford vehicle


Whether you need your Ford key fixed or a new set of keys made, require an additional set of keys created, or have lost your vehicle key entirely, Tony’s Locksmith is prepared with the equipment and expertise to get you back on the road quickly.

Tony’s Locksmiths is a family run business that has been helping people throughout Cardiff with their locksmith needs for 20 years. We operate in and around the city and are the leading 24-hour emergency locksmith within the area.

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